Crazy Crocodiles Pokies Game With Exciting Features

Crazy Crocodile Slot MachineIt was last week, when I was in my office cafeteria and the colleagues of mine were talking about this NASA scientist show called Cosmos. And they were talking about this theory of life, I mean the evolution and how the life takes this long path and how we transformed from the water fish to land reptiles and then from reptiles to four feet and then finally on the two feet.

And the conversation instantly directed my attention towards them as I have always been fond of these crazy reptiles family specially the chameleons and the crocodiles. Then I don’t know when this happened bit the conversation took a bend and arrived to the same old topic of online casino slots, but today they were talking about the slot that is also themed on the crocodiles and I have always been keen towards the attacks, facts and all the numbers formed by this amazing animal.

Usually, I don’t really take part in these slots conversation but today I felt myself little induced towards the theme and I came to know that the slot machine that they have been talking about is called crazy crocodiles. And this pokie features a single pay line, 3 reels, and 9 possible ways to win.

After hearing the conversation when I came back home, i decided to play this slot machine and it turned out that It was quite good or you can say I find it good because of the theme. But both ways I had a great time playing this particular slot machine and won some money as well. Actually I was doing pretty well with the free play version, which made me try the real money version that is played with the paid credits and I did well in this version too.

Online Pokie Game With Freedom to arrange the reels from Left to Right

Have your ever stared a chameleon for minutes and see it change the colors of its skin. Well most of us will say no to this question. Well if you haven’t yet, then you can certainly see them doing such a trick in this virtual slot and believe it’s really amazing to see this happening.

Today, I am talking about this new slot called crazy chameleon designed by micro gaming, well it doesn’t offer you many tempting and you can bit complex features but promise you a healthy classic slot machine game, which you can certainly enjoy and make some money with it as well.

Well, this was last week’s Friday night when this friend of mine came to sleepover at my place and told me about this classic slot. And since I have this thing with the chameleons so I decided instantly to check out this game and so I download the app on my android phone and start playing it.

Watch this video for more information:

It is a five-reel, five-pay line slot designed by Micro gaming. And in order to win this pokie machine the player has to match identical symbols consecutively on his active pay lines. And the twist in the game comes with the Crazy Chameleons but the player also got the freedom to arrange the reels from right to left or vice versa. And I believe that is the best thing about this online casino pokie which made its pretty popular among the players.

When I played the machine I took advantage of the same feature and hit some jackpots as well, which made me think that I should go for the real money version as well and I did the same. And guess what I continued winning with the same intensity and made hundreds of dollars with the same.

Slot Machine Game Full Of Thrill And Adventure

Online Slot MachineHi friends… I want to share an incident which was full of thrill. I also hope that you will enjoy it. So now the story begins. One day I was alone at my home and it was a thundering day. There was huge lighting and thundering sounds happening. I was afraid of darkness. So In fear I run and hide in my room doors beside. I don’t know when I slept. And I was in a real casino which was full of crowd and I can hear the shouting words like I Win! Yes I did! I also want to play. I wondered here and there in search of new and interesting game. And after a while I found. At one of slot machine there was many people stayed in queue to play. I asked to one person… which game is it. He describes me a lot about it. He told me that it is slot playing game where you can play with coins ranging from $0.10 to $10. It was three-reel and single payline pokies. For the first play you can Jackpot Slot Machineenjoy it free. So I also decide it to play. At last I won a huge prize this makes me on cloud nine; I jumped in the air and shout I won! I won… Suddenly I was on the ground and my mother scolding “Why are you shouting and it not right place to sleep.” After a moment I wake up and it was only a dream. But I was fascinated with this adventure so I want to play it again.

In night I opened my laptop and start searching for this event and surprisingly it was all real. The Huge crowd liked this sport. I was happy with this and want to make it real…My dream. After playing this game my dream comes true. It was more enjoyable than my dream. One thing I want to add in its feature was its free bonus, free spins and online casino provide playing facility. I think this dream is my starting in this adventures world. So playing this game you can be a lucky one that win money  like me. At last enjoy and earn money.