Since 2005, we have been working in online casinos. We are constantly learning and improving our skills. Online casinos are something we love, and we want you to enjoy them as well. We have personally reviewed all real-money casinos on our list to ensure they are reliable and safe. We keep up with industry trends and update our lists regularly with new Irish casinos and games so you can play responsibly.

Offline gambling is a simple matter. It’s much more difficult to gamble online in Ireland. The 1970s laws that allowed for legal gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos throughout the country allowed the Irish to make their best bets.

It is controlled by the governments of the provinces, which have the power to ban or allow casinos on their territory. Although PlayNow is one of Ireland’s most popular online casinos, more is needed for all the players.

The Irish began playing at licensed and regulated casinos overseas in their quest for better casino games. Although they aren’t entirely legal, the laws need to be more precise. Irish players can enjoy online casinos with a broader range of gaming options than at their local sites.

If an Irish player is looking to play at an overseas casino for real money but needs to know where to begin, we can help.IrishCasinoHEX will provide a list of sites that suit any player’s taste.

Top Casino Sites Criteria – How We Review

You’ve probably gambled on rogue websites before. When you play online, you don’t want to receive your payment on time. The websites keep delaying payments.

Support keeps telling you they will investigate the issue and make arrangements to pay your bill, but they never do. They will tell you that your money won’t be spent because of a “rule violation,” which isn’t stated.

CasinoHEX professionals spend a lot of time researching the best online casinos before making our list. We do this to ensure you are safe when gambling at the top-rated online casino. We understand the pain that comes with winning big but not being able to get the money into your bank account.

Online Casinos in Ireland: The Best

Player: Our top-ranked discovery in 2022. This brand has proven its reliability and safety in the eyes of its customers.
ZetCasino is a well-known online gambling site that uses the most secure encryption and software. It has a massive selection of games.

Magic Red: This brand has five years of industry experience and can implement the most effective security strategies. It is highly recommended as one of the most secure casinos.

Zen Casino: Zen Casino is a well-known casino for its serious approach to business. We had no problems, and the players’ reviews confirm this.

Betzest: Are you looking for a legit casino brand with a solid reputation? Betzest is a recommended casino to test your luck.
How did we choose a casino that is safe and secure? Continue reading to find out more.

Online security is like being safe on the streets. You won’t venture into the darkest part of town knowing there are many robberies in the middle of the night. You’re a joker if you do. You were aware of what you were getting yourself into.

Online security can be complex because only a few people are familiar with the warning signs of a dangerous website. If you need to become more familiar with what to look for, you can tell if something is wrong in a neighborhood by looking at the houses and the drunkards.

It’s as easy as knowing it. Some gamblers will place bets so quickly that they overlook warning signs and make a deposit at a shady site. We are here to help you find safe and secure casinos to play at and what could deceive you.

We check the SSL certificate first. This is a sign that safe casino sites are secure. An encryption certificate indicates to users that all transactions are safe. It is unsafe to provide personal information if the casino website doesn’t offer one. This is especially true for banking information.

Your data will be insecure if there is no HTTPS. Even if the casino itself isn’t malicious, hackers can intercept data packets and defraud your account more than any online casino in Ireland. Hackers often consider small, weakly secured sites to be a primary target.

Next, look at the URL to determine if you are dealing with a scam casino. Fraud websites may imitate big casino brands to convince people to place a wager. These websites won’t show you your winnings. Although you may win a small amount, you don’t have to worry about your winnings if you win large. You can tell if an ad mentions Casumo, and you end up on

Broken text can be another way to verify the legitimacy of an online casino website. You should be suspicious if the website you click on is in poor English and claims it to be an Irish online gambling site. This is probably a fraud site created in a third-world country and aimed at players who are gullible enough to skip reading the instructions and go straight to gambling.

It’s suspicious, even if it isn’t. It’s questionable that the company that created this website decided they didn’t need a professional to write the copy. Maybe they believed that providing support services or security measures was unnecessary since most people wanted to play the game. You should avoid online casinos if that is the case.

Next, you need to check the software providers. Sometimes the best online casinos are great and have malware in their desktop or mobile applications. It is installed on your smartphone or PC and starts saving passwords and mining cryptocurrency. This can significantly slow down your computer.

This is the one thing you cannot do by yourself. Although you can get a security certificate from a reputable organization like eCOGRA, it can easily be faked. To save time, you can read the CasinoHEX reviews. To verify the claims made by top Irish casinos online, our experts check the databases of regulatory bodies and auditing companies.

Amazing Customer Support

The best casino sites offer excellent support. Only some people consider customer support when choosing a casino to play at. People often choose a casino because of the number of games available and the bonus money offered. They realized their decision needed to be made informed when they could not contact support for days.

Online casino websites can be a disaster or a blessing. Only contact them when it is most important. You should find out why your big win was delayed. You could save time if the support can answer your questions or respond quickly. Sometimes you may lose the success.

Contact them directly if you still determine if a casino online in Ireland is reliable. You can talk to them about any withdrawal or deposit requirements you may have missed. Ask questions to ensure you fully understand the site’s operation. It’s a sign that they cannot answer your questions promptly. You won’t get any help from them in difficult situations.

You can spend time at some casinos online. We only list the casinos that offer excellent customer service. Instead, you can consult our list of Irish online gambling sites.