Crazy Crocodile Slot MachineIt was last week, when I was in my office cafeteria and the colleagues of mine were talking about this NASA scientist show called Cosmos. And they were talking about this theory of life, I mean the evolution and how the life takes this long path and how we transformed from the water fish to land reptiles and then from reptiles to four feet and then finally on the two feet.

And the conversation instantly directed my attention towards them as I have always been fond of these crazy reptiles family specially the chameleons and the crocodiles. Then I don’t know when this happened bit the conversation took a bend and arrived to the same old topic of online casino slots, but today they were talking about the slot that is also themed on the crocodiles and I have always been keen towards the attacks, facts and all the numbers formed by this amazing animal.

Usually, I don’t really take part in these slots conversation but today I felt myself little induced towards the theme and I came to know that the slot machine that they have been talking about is called crazy crocodiles. And this pokie features a single pay line, 3 reels, and 9 possible ways to win.

After hearing the conversation when I came back home, i decided to play this slot machine and it turned out that It was quite good or you can say I find it good because of the theme. But both ways I had a great time playing this particular slot machine and won some money as well. Actually I was doing pretty well with the free play version, which made me try the real money version that is played with the paid credits and I did well in this version too.