As you must have all heard about this very famous game show that made thousands millionaires, the show was presented by Noel Edmonds, but I’ll be talking about the same a little today. Although is not in the air now a days, but I came to know about this way of seeing the glimpse of this game show and even you can have the chances of winning the money as well.

Yes, here I am talking about one of the most played and popular slot machine of the gambling industry called the Deal or No Deal. It is certainly an extraordinarily popular game show in many different countries including Australia, America and others.

Well I knew about this slot, but never really managed to play it with the real money and this was only the last Friday night when I finally tried it. It all started when I was watching this old telecast of the game show on television which made me want to try this ultimately and I did so.

Watch this video for more information:

I suddenly remember that my new neighbor has once told me that he is one of the biggest winners of this reality show and he plays its online casino slots too. So I invited him over to my place so that we could enjoy the game together and it came out be a wise decision later.

So, when he came I knew that he has been playing this slot, so I decided to watch him play first and then go for the real money myself. And it turned he was really a master at this thing, he was wining bonus since he started playing so I insisted him to teach me the tip and tricks as well and he did. And then I too hit some jackpots as well and win some real money. I was so happy that I opened my 40 years old cologne that night! Anyways overall it was a wonderful experience and I would love to have it again if given the chance.