As we all know the sweet little furry teddies are one of the most adorable things of the world, so this valentine’s day I Cutesy Pie Slot Machine
decided to give the same to my wife. I searched online for the biggest white panda that I can afford and ordered it instantly for my wife. Well when the package arrived she was very happy to see it and I was also very glad that I picked the right thing.

The next day, my wife also gave me this return gift and I had never thought that she would give me this! Actually it was the paid spins of the cute panda themed slot machine called Cutesy pie. I really have never thought that this idea could also be in her dictionary. Well I have already known little about this pokie but I decided to know about it little more before playing on to it.

Watch this video for more information:

And I came tom know that it is a three reels and a single pay line slot machine, and if I say it is a quite popular classic slot machine with a Japanese flavor then I won’t be bragging about it, as I read on forums that its quite popular among the players of Australia as well. So after reading the reviews, tutorial videos on YouTube and all I finally made my mind to try it.

Cutesy Pie Slot MachineI made the download of the Online casino pokie app of this game and luckily I got the free spins with registration
process. And it came out to best thing happened as with the free play I could take the free trial of the pokie before putting the real money into it. And I did the same and when I got savvy with the pay table and the rules of the slot I went for the paid credits and won the real money. And the credits goes to my loving wife, it was such a surprise!